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opt-in landing page

Opt-In Landing Page Tactics

While email marketing is crucial, it is also dependent on other factors. That is to say that you can’t […]

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List Building Basics

sales funnel

4 Sales Funnel Mistakes You’re Most Likely Marking

Are you making these common sales funnels mistakes? While it’s not as difficult as we imagine to create a sales funnel, there is room for error. While a well-designed funnel will fast track your road to success, a poorly designed one will leave you stranded, wondering where you went wrong. 4 Very Common Sales Funnel Mistakes to Avoid 1. Not split testing Split testing is everything. The first draft of everything is crap, whether it be the next big movie script or the sales and marketing copy […]

drip campaigns

5 Reasons to Create an Email Drip Campaign

If you are wondering whether or not to create an email drip campaign, then fear no more. The answer is here. You absolutely should be creating one, also known as a followup sequence or autoresponder series. Get pre-written email drip campaigns This automated email marketing tools is powerful for your company, and here are five reasons: 1. Start Off on the Right Foot The first impression is the most important one, especially when it comes to your subscribers. After all, those subscribers are either buyers, future buyers, […]

how to build email list from scratch

How to Build Email List From Scratch

Building an email list from scratch is by far the most effective way to initiate and build relationships with your customers and subscribers. It is also the BEST way to nurture and retain your audience long term. This is how you will be able to promote your products, as well as continually update your clients on new and upcoming products and promotions. You can also communicate with customers and those in your niche or market to get their feedback and help develop and grow your business. This […]


lead magnet

How to Create a Lead Magnet to Grow Your Email List

If you understand how email marketing works, then you know it begins with a lead capture page and a great lead magnet, which is the freebie you give away. What is a Lead Magnet? Lead magnets are something offered as a free gift or enticement in exchange for an email address. Lead magnets are the easiest and fastest way to build a list of targeted subscribers. The goal of any lead magnet is to convert traffic into leads. While it’s true you can throw just about anything together […]

how email marketing works

How Email Marketing Works

Before we talk about how email marketing works, let’s first talk about why email marketing works. Many marketers understand that they need to be doing email marketing, but they don’t fully understand why they should be doing email marketing. Why and How Email Marketing Works Yes, this tutorial is on, “how email marketing works,” but we need to be on the same page going forward. In order for us to do that and for you to get the most out of this training, you need to first […]