How To Land Your First 100 Email List Subscribers


100 email list subscribers

Today I’m going to talk to you about how to land your first 100 subscribers to your . is one of the most important things you can do for your personal brand or for your small business. Email marketing is an opportunity to directly communicate with the people who are following you for whatever reason.

How To Get Your First 100 Email List Subscribers

A lot of what people do wrong in email marketing is they make it all about them. It’s all right hooks and no jabs, or it’s all asking and no giving. You need to avoid that and you need to already build trust with the people that you’re asking to give you their email address because that’s their privacy. That’s direct access to them. You’re asking a lot of them so you need to make it worth their while and there’s a couple of ways you can do that.


Number one, let prospective subscribers know what kind of content that you want to send to them via email. Let them know what the value is for them. Yes, you can definitely do and should do a lead magnet, which is a free giveaway that entices people to join your email list. That is absolutely one of the first things you should do. You need to have an actual content strategy.

In the same way that you need a content strategy to be successful in YouTube and in blogging, you need a content and communication strategy for your email list as well. You need to already be prepared to deliver upfront value to your email list and not just be ready to sell to them.

You can always sell to them if you think that’s something that they want and you can create value for them by offering this. But it should be after you give them something that they want that’s going to entice them to open an email in the first place.

If you don’t have a content strategy that’s going to create upfront value for your audience, you’re going to lose people from your email list after they get your free giveaway. Keeping your subscribers is part of how you get to 100 email list subscribers in the first place.


The other thing you need to do is in your other content, once you start creating that upfront value, you need to tell people about it. You need to tell people what they’re getting from your email list. If there’s a freebie that they missed out on because they’re not part of your email list. If there’s a list of tips, or strategies that you gave to your email list community that they missed out on, then that’s something that they need to know. That will encourage them to go ahead and subscribe to your email list to avoid the fear of missing out.

Obviously free giveaways, lead magnets, free email courses… these are all great things that will attract and build your audience and your email list. But knowing what you’re going to give people, knowing what they can expect for you is what they’re going to join your list for. And it’s going to keep them on your list.


You have to have that trust and that relationship going in. If you’ve not been communicating that to people, if you’ve been spamming their Twitter feed, spamming their posts and spamming their YouTube comments, then they’re not going to trust you and they’re not going to join your list.

You need to already have a good communication strategy. You already need to have a rapport. You need to be consistent in what you’re communicating and you need to deliver upfront value and they have to like what they’re getting from you.

Final Thoughts

This might all seem obvious but it’s not, because the majority of email marketers aren’t doing it. That’s why most people’s lists have 8% to 10% open rates. I’ve been steadily growing my email list since 2007 and my open rates are still about 40%. That is about maybe four times the industry average and that’s because I’m creating upfront value. I’m doing the appropriate amount of jabs as Gary Vaynerchuk would say to right hooks in other words. I’m giving a lot before I ask for something, so that is my advice for getting your first 100 email list subscribers.



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