4 Sales Funnel Mistakes You’re Most Likely Marking


sales funnel mistakes

Are you making these common sales funnels mistakes? While it’s not as difficult as we imagine to create a , there is room for error.

While a well-designed funnel will fast track your road to success, a poorly designed one will leave you stranded, wondering where you went wrong.

4 Very Common Sales Funnel Mistakes to Avoid

1. Not split testing

Split testing is everything. The first draft of everything is crap, whether it be the next big movie script or the sales and marketing copy for your site. Not that your copywriter will ever send you their first draft, but all copywriters understand that the best performing content becomes the control, and the object of the game is to beat the control. Even a difference of 1% in conversion rate makes the effort worthwhile when selling online.

2. Not nurturing leads

Don’t allow your sales team to ignore leads if they don’t buy immediately. Modern selling online is all about relationship building, not going in for the quick kill. You need to build rapport with your leads. Time is not linear as we once suspected, and that includes time to a sale. Your ideal customer may jump back and forth through their buying cycle rather than straight through it.

3. Mishandling upsells and downsells

This really depends on your niche. It’s never really an issue in the often quoted example of a burger joint waitresses asking if you’d like fries with that. But in some niches, too many up-sells or down-sells do little but irritate your customer.

Don’t ignore the opportunity to offer something additional right at the point of purchase, when your customer has just made an order and are still receptive to other offers, but limit those additional offers to ones that make sense to offer (maybe they offer complementary goods or services) or have an affinity to the original offer.

4. Assuming what your customer can afford

You do your customer a disservice if all you offer is a range of similar products at similar prices. Many people want to buy the premium model. They don’t want the budget one! There are others who just want an accessory – an impulse buy to make them feel they’ve picked up a bargain. You will often avoid this mistake when you do your market research properly, but never forget that low price points are only there to introduce people to your brand.

Final Thoughts

Always be testing and never be shy about letting people know what you have to offer – it’s advice that works just as strongly in the business world as it does the dating one.


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