5 Reasons to Create an Email Drip Campaign


email drip campaign

If you are wondering whether or not to create an drip campaign, then fear no more. The answer is here. You absolutely should be creating one, also known as a followup sequence or series.

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This automated email marketing tools is powerful for your company, and here are five reasons:

1. Start Off on the Right Foot

The first impression is the most important one, especially when it comes to your . After all, those subscribers are either buyers, future buyers, or potential evangelists of your brand. You want to set the stage by crafting a drip campaign that accurately and persuasively communicates your message. That way, you don’t have to think it up on the spot.

2. The Profit Is Not In the First Sale

One of the true powers of a drip campaign is that it primes your to buy bigger and more profitable packages in the future. Usually, businesses make more money with customers over the long term than the short term. So stop thinking about the $1, the $10, or the $100 and start thinking about the $1,000 or more that you could make from each subscriber in the future. An effective autoresponder is all about patience.

3. The Average Sale Happens After the Fifth Contact

That’s right. You shouldn’t expect to convert your list members to customers as fast as you may have thought. Have the foresight to pace your offer. Build up the anticipation through multiple emails and then ask for the big action after sending them at least five emails. Most businesses fail with their efforts because they sell too soon.

4. Customize Based on Behavior

With the amazing modern technology available to you, you can now segment your list easily. Many of these services are free and they allow you to see what subscribers are clicking, reading, and buying your stuff. The best part is, you never have to send an offer to someone unless the data tells you it is relevant to them.

5. Build a Real Asset

Think about buying real estate. It’s an asset. In general, it will grow in value, year over year. Well that is how you should think about your list. Each time you add a subscriber, you add value to your list. Those names and email addresses are equal to money. That means that you can even sell the list down the line for some cold hard cash.

When it comes to email drip campaigns, you can really go wild. No matter what kind of business you have, you can increase your bottom line with an automated email effort. Just be sure to research your market and consistently test your drip emails to make sure they are converting at the levels necessary for your business and marketing efforts.


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