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Opt-In Landing Page Tactics

opt-in landing page

While email marketing is crucial, it is also dependent on other factors. That is to say that you can’t have email marketing without having a great opt-in landing page. This is your ‘squeeze page’ – it is the page that you use in order to encourage first time visitors to your site to sign up for your mailing list so that they can receive your emails. Your opt-in landing page is the gatekeeper to your email marketing campaign and it is fundamentally important if you have any […]

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10 List Building Mistakes To Avoid

10 list building mistakes

When it comes to making money online with affiliate marketing, developing a targeted subscriber base of active and repeat customers is an essential ingredient in the recipe to online marketing success. Why You Need a List Having a list in your marketing arsenal will instantly maximize your outreach, while making it easier to make money with less work involved. For example, with a mailing list you can simply create broadcasts that go out to your entire subscriber base that feature a blend of high quality information and […]

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Sales Funnel Mistakes and Templates

sales funnel

Are your sales funnels leaking? While it’s not as difficult as we imagine to create a sales funnel, there is room for error. While a well-designed funnel will fast track your road to success, a poorly designed one will leave you stranded, wondering where you went wrong. Here are 4 sales funnel mistakes that are easy to make, but just as easy to avoid 1. Not split testing Split testing is everything. The first draft of everything is crap, whether it be the next big movie script […]

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