How to Use Facebook to Build a Robust Mailing List


list building with facebook

List building and follow-up have long been the reigning champion of online marketing techniques. For more than two decades, it’s been the best way for businesses to capture leads, stay in touch with customers, continue to market to prospects and increase sales.

List Building and Facebook

There’s a place for within Facebook. You can use Facebook to find new fans and convert them into . However, as Myspace and other failed networks have shown us, you have to be careful. If you rely too heavily on Facebook for list building, you’ll be in big trouble when that platform loses popularity.

Building an enables you to be a self-sufficient digital brand. Your contacts will always receive your messages, with no middleman to get in the way. This is the best way to maintain an engaged audience on the web.

Get Attention

Before you can get to list building, you need to turn heads. People have to notice your brand for the first time and start listening to what you are saying. Facebook is the perfect place to make this happen.

When somebody scrolls through their Facebook feed, they encounter dozens of new brands. If your message is captivating enough, you can be the one to make them stop and read on.

There’s a weird truth to getting attention on Facebook.

The more focused you are, the more people you will reach. It turns out that with so much noisy marketing going on, the simplest way to connect with people on Facebook is by addressing a very specific need.

For example: a band that plays every style of music will be noticed by no one. However, if they only play your favorite kind of music, you might check out their tunes. Your brand can use a similar approach for whatever industry you are in.

If you cook food, make it a specific cuisine. If you sell clothing, pick a fashion style and stick to it. Even for less creative fields, like a doctor’s office, you can bring out your personality in your marketing materials. Whatever your brand does, you can be more specific to increase the odds of people noticing you.

Build Trust

As your audience grows, you will need to earn their trust. This is a huge part of the list building and email marketing process. After all, people will follow just about anything on Facebook. News feeds are already so crowded that it doesn’t seem like a big deal to add one more page to the mix.

In contrast, many people guard their email addresses with their lives. They’ve seen too many spammy newsletters and unrequested business propositions. It’s hard enough to keep up with all of that email as it is, so why would they let you send them even more stuff?

  • If they trust you and want to hear what you have to say, they’ll love to get your email messages.
  • However, this is a big leap of faith from their initial skepticism.

You need to be generous and create great content for your fans. Your audience should receive legitimate value from the work you do. Every time you plan out a new video or blog post, you should do it with the intention of being as generous as possible.

Don’t try to get anything in return. Just give and give some more. This is how you build trust with your fans. There’s no way to rush this process. Create great content over and over until your audience loves you.

Convert to email through list building

It’s easy to convert Facebook followers into email subscribers. All you have to do is ask.

In marketing speak, this is known as the call-to-action. You are calling for a certain action that you hope your fans and followers will do. You’ll usually make the ask at the end of a video, blog post, or podcast.

You can say something along the lines of “If you enjoy this Facebook page, you’ll love the email newsletter. Click the link in the description to join the inner circle.”

This sort of basic message cuts right to the point.

You don’t need to make a big sales pitch. You already did that part of the job by building trust with your audience through consistent social media content. However, if you want to supercharge your conversion rate from social media to list building, there’s one powerful tactic you can use.

Gather testimonials from current email list subscribers. Ask your biggest fans if they will write a sentence or two that says how excited they are about your email content. Most super fans are glad to help out.

You can include these testimonials right above your email signup link. When a follower is on the fence about whether or not to click through, they’ll see these glowing comments from your fans. This social validation can help to close the deal.

Mailing Lists Are Forever

A strong mailing list is like a giant pile of digital gold. It will hold its value forever, giving you direct access to your biggest fans. As long as email still exists, your list will be a powerful asset for your brand.

With that said, nothing valuable comes easily. It’s a long process to create great content, build trust, and finally convert that following into an email list. Don’t expect it to happen in a week or two.

Give yourself a few months to see results. With patience, your brand can set up a long-lasting email list building social media machine. You will be able to communicate directly with your fans and generate mutual value that lasts for a lifetime.


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