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How To Land Your First 100 Email List Subscribers

100 email list subscribers

Today I’m going to talk to you about how to land your first 100 email list subscribers to your email list. Email marketing is one of the most important things you can do for your personal brand or for your small business. Email marketing is an opportunity to directly communicate with the people who are following you for whatever reason. How To Get Your First 100 Email List Subscribers A lot of what people do wrong in email marketing is they make it all about them. It’s […]

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How to Build Email List From Scratch

how to build email list from scratch

Building an email list from scratch is by far the most effective way to initiate and build relationships with your customers and subscribers. It is also the BEST way to nurture and retain your audience long term. This is how you will be able to promote your products, as well as continually update your clients on new and upcoming products and promotions. You can also communicate with customers and those in your niche or market to get their feedback and help develop and grow your business. This […]

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Explosive List Building Tips and Techniques

list building tips

List building is an integral component of any online business. Your email list is essentially your contact base. The problem with websites are that visitors come and go. Hence, they will easily forget about your website and all the good content that you provide. One way to tackle this is to “capture” your reader’s contact information in the form of name and email. This is also known as list building. Your subscribers contact information is collected through an email autoresponder. You can get one of these from […]

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