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How to use PPC to Build Your Email List

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If you would like to grow your email list so that you can maximize your profit, you are likely wondering what platform will allow you to reach your goal better than the rest. You can turn to pay-per-click advertising to build your email list. Proven Email List Building Tips When you are ready to get started, you will need to target keywords that will give you the best odds of success. The next step involves coming up with a free offer that will encourage people to take […]

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Opt-In Landing Page Tactics

opt-in landing page

While email marketing is crucial, it is also dependent on other factors. That is to say that you can’t have email marketing without having a great opt-in landing page. This is your ‘squeeze page’ – it is the page that you use in order to encourage first time visitors to your site to sign up for your mailing list so that they can receive your emails. Your opt-in landing page is the gatekeeper to your email marketing campaign and it is fundamentally important if you have any […]

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