I Create Custom Email Marketing Campaigns That Include Pre-Written Autoresponder Messages And a Lead Capture Page For Any Business or Niche
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I Create Great Email Marketing Campaigns

It's all about getting results. With my custom email marketing campaigns, you'll grow your email list faster, keep your subscribers engaged and turn them into customers over and over again. I'll use the same creation techniques I personally use to generate 60% of my revenue via the inbox.

What to expect from my custom email marketing campaigns

  • To grow your email list faster - I'll create the perfect lead capture page with the right message, free offer and strong call to action.
  • I'll get your emails opened - What good is it to grow a list if your subscribers aren’t opening your emails? I'll craft pre-written autoresponder messages with seductive subject lines to get your emails opened, well written content and a resource box at the bottom of each email where all your related products and services can be listed.
  • Engagement inside the inbox - I'm not talking open and click rates here, I'm talking the kind of engagement that gets you in conversations to build relationships with your prospects inside the inbox and gets your subscribers to take action.
  • Automate your email marketing - My pre-written autoresponders are not just the welcome message, they're a powerful tool you can use to build email sequences to launch products, create email courses and even set to make sales while you sleep.

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Email Marketing. Better Than Social Media.

According to a customer acquisition study by McKinsey & Co, email marketing converts almost 40x higher than Facebook and Twitter combined!

This is why many people and businesses that put their focus only on social media are spinning their wheels when it comes to capturing qualified prospects, build meaningful relationships and making actual sales.

But, why is email marketing so much more effective?

  • There are almost 4 billion email accounts today
  • 78% of email messages reach the inbox (Compare that to how many of your fans see your posts on Facebook)
  • The lifespan of a social media post is very short while an email stays in the inbox
  • The average ROI of $1 spent on email is $44.25
  • 77% prefer email to receive promotional content while only 4% prefers Facebook
  • Consumers engage with an average of 11 brands through email daily

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